How To Deal With Parent’s Remarriage

  • Living With A Stepparent


Remarriage of a parent destroys the hope that your biological parents will ever get back together. You might start having issue with your new parent even trying to make life difficult for your stepparent. You might even try to cause trouble between your parent and your stepparent; hoping to break them up.   These are challenges you start to face under a stepparent :

*Coping with their authority

  Coming under the authority of a new parent is not easy. When asked to do something, you maybe tempted to blurt out. “ you’re not my real mother/father!” Such a response may give you a brief surge of satisfaction, but it betrays an immature attitude.     One the other hand, accepting the authority of your stepparent is one way to show that you have grow up in thinking. Really your stepparent performs the same duties of a natural parent and deserves your respect.

A stepparent discipline is usually an expression of his or her love and concern towards you. Still, you may have legitimate grounds for complaint if so prove yourself to be “grown up” by continue putting up with one another and forgiving one another freely if anyone has cause for complain against another.

*Learning to share and compromise


*Coping with unequal treatment

      Your stepparent may love their children far more than you and your siblings like” buying any food they liked and renting movies they wanted to watch” such treatment is hard to bear, even through you did everything to make them happy. What might help?

* Try to understand their motive towards their behavior perhaps it is not the blood with this natuchild but their shared experience in living.
* Living with new siblings of the opposite sex can create moral pressures. So put up a mental block concerning sexual feelings and make sure that neither your dress nor your conduct is sexually provocative.

* People have individual personalities and difference needs, so instead of being overly concerned about whether your stepparent is treating you equally try to see if he or she is striving to meet your needs.

Hope this help , always remember that “Stepparents also perform the same responsibility as your biological parent”. Please feel free to post your comment on what you think about this article.

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