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This is to all our fans and readers of Healthmister. We at Healthmister will like to thank you all for your support and great comments through the few years of being active on the internet.

Many of you might not know that 29th of october every year we celebrate this great blog birthday and every year we give out some free offers and a special bonus, which will be discuss in this article. And for those of you that haven’t subscribe to our email list, you can do that below on every pages of this blog.

Throughout these year, you our great viewers have been supportive and interactive from the beginning of this journey. Healthmister is a blog that focus on various health topic ranging from weightloss, Bodyfat, muscles abs, skin care, depression and various disease conditions with possible treatment for them.

This blog have gone a long way in helping alot of people achieve their healthy lifestyle goals, providing you with various products and treatment to help you reach that goal without going through all the hustle and bustle of finding the product that is best for you.

Journey So Far

We started as a group of passionate writer now “blogger” trying to share our knowledge and experience with the world, giving you an informative resources and product services. This has giving us edge and recommendation from various health companies in partnership with us in a mission to change the health sector.


In this month of celebration we are giving the first 100 people a free product of VigFX plus ➕( a high ranking product)

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We have being giving out this product out for free for the past one week and trust me many of our reader have been sending great review. One thing about this free product is that you might not want it and use for yourself, you can get them for free and maybe give them as a gift to your friends, family, neighbors or office colleague.

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