How To Stop Yourself From More Gaining weight This Holiday season.

It is that time of the year where you got the chance to spend time with your friends and families, that time where you eat all those pies, cookies, turkey, and have a lot of drinks to add to them. But the problem about this fun period is that most of us just don’t know that what we eat during this time can have serious effect on our health and weight.
It can be hard sometimes to enjoy the holidays without gaining weight and feeling bloating or having heartburn. The situation got even worse when you notice you couldn’t fit into your old clothes anymore. Juggling all that foods and drinks without getting enough time to take care of yourself. Sometimes even after resuming to your normal activities you find it to hard to hit the gym or undertake a weight loss program.

 If that’s YOU then there is a solution – possible solution to enjoy this time of the year—and the food and drinks that come with it— without worring about gaining weight. ( or also help you loss weight if you notice increase in one).

The answer is GREEN TEA……

GREEN TEA will not only help you lose but also prevent you from gaining weight.
Green Tea is the second most-consumed drink in the world after water. It contains nutrients that supposedly help melt away pounds more easily and faster (though this shouldn’t be use as a total replacement for a healthy diet and exercise program).

One of the active antioxidant compound contains in GREEN TEA called Catechins as be shown by research to help boost metabolism and burn fat

One of the catechins, known as Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) has be shown to contains a higher concentration than any other then any other types of tea, including black and oolong which is linked in aiding weight loss. Green tea is associated with a number of health benefits, including decreasing risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. It’s also to helps in reducing inflammation in patient suffering with inflammatory bowel disease

Even though if you are tempted to those sweet and delicious cookies and pies, adding Green tea to your diet can aid in blood sugar control so to prevent diabetes resulting from consuming non-natural sugar like bread, crackers, chips, and store-bought cookies and pastries

What also makes Green Tea more different from any other tea is because it contains Caffeine. Sure there will be a lot of drinks like alcohol available which can lead you in consuming unnecessary calories, which the Caffeine present in Green Tea can help your body burn both calories and fat.

A resent study shows that men who took green tea and exercised burned 17% more fat than men who didn’t take them. This study suggests that green tea can boost the fat burning effects of exercise to aid weight loss more easily. Green Tea has been shown to give result within a short period (13 days), there is also some evidence that the metabolism boosting effect persists in long term.

How To Take Green Tea

Now we all know the important of taking Green Tea, the questions now is — What is the best way to take Green Tea. Let don’t forget about the present of Caffeine in Green Tea which an overdose can causes minor effects on your health.

To get the amount of caffeine and catechins to take that help you lose weight, you’ll need to drink 2 to 3 cups of Green Tea a day, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Depending on brewing techniques, 1 cup of green tea has about 120 to 320 milligrams of catechins and 10 to 60 milligrams of caffeine.

Green Tea diet plan should be followed for three weeks for desired results. 

Things You Can Add With Green Tea.


You can also add lime juice in your morning Green Tea, It will help boost your immune system. A heavy nutrient-rich breakfast will also keep you active throughout the day. Taking Green Tea before lunch and dinner will help you suppress your appetite and prevent you from eating too much.


Yogurt contains good gut bacteria that helps in digestion and in turn, aids weight loss. 


Cinnamon also helps to burn fat. It also adds sweetness and flavor tothe green tea. Taking breakfast with high dietary fiber content and healthy fats will help you mobilize the fat stored in your body.

Note — you should avoid adding sugar to your green tea?. You can only opt for 1 teaspoon honey or maple syrup. Flavored green teas are not as much effective as the non-flavored one. If you want to lose weight, have green tea without any flavors. You can use lime or cinnamon if it is hard for you to drink green tea without any flavors.

Good Brands To Consider Buying

By now you must be excited to know the best brand of green tea to use for weight loss, isn’t it? There are many brands available in the market that are good for consumption. But one that really caught my attention is….. You definitely need to give it a try. There is scientifically proven benefits from drinking this green tea. TRY THIS PRODUCT…. works like MAGIC


Getting The Best From This Festive Season.

Worry Less — Stress and worry leads to a loss ofconnection with one’s values and sense of self.  If you are craving something, have it. Just keep the portion small and appreciate every bite.

Watch What You Eat

Aim to stick to sugar that comes naturally, like fruits, and avoid bread, crackers, chips, and store-bought cookies and pastries.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

More alcohol can disrupts your sleep, which will mess up the hormones that control your appetite, leading you to binge and crave more food the following day.

Take Good Fats

It food that contains Omega-3. Aim for grass-fed beef, hormone-free poultry, and even healthy legumes and grains like lentil and quinoa.

Keep up the exercise.

Do aerobic as well as anaerobic exercises, including running, jogging, swimming, sprints to help you fit and strong.

Get restful sleep.
Sleep for least eight hours, it will help you feel rested upon awakening, get to bed early on the nights you aren’t out celebrating, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and electronics on those nights.


Green Tea can bring you a lot of health benefits when added with a healthy diet and exercise.  Remember to avoid using Green tea for no more than three weeks because If a person drinks a lot of green tea which has caffeine in it can lead to vomiting, Irritability, Insomnia, Heart palpitations, Dizziness, and Diarrhea.

So it best to choose the best brand of Green Tea that contains the right proportions of Caffeine

So, get a good brand of green tea today and start the green tea diet today. Try KOU TEA for better results…


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Try Crazy Bulk Today for a Better Muscle Mass Gain Within a Month

There are many men who spend hours in the gym to achieve that dream body but the question is how many men actually meet their goals? If you have been carrying out intensive workouts, then you must also start consuming some supplements that will aid the entire process.

In order to achieve the perfect body, many bodybuilders have been using anabolic steroids to help them achieve muscle gain quite quickly. The only problem associated with anabolic steroids was that they had many side- effects. Some of the side-effects included increased symptoms of impotence, infertility, and shrinking of testicles. The steroids got banned because of these side-effects, as most of the people complained of more problems rather than the benefits being derived from the illegal steroids.

Owing to the increasing demand for a natural supplement that aids muscle gain, a supplement was launched by the CRAZY BULK that was made using legal steroids. Legal steroids don’t possess any side- effects and help increase muscle mass in men naturally. The product was launched in the market after a thorough research and undergoing a series of test.

If you are new to the fitness world and want to achieve the perfect bodybuilder body, then you should start consuming CRAZY BULK today. If you are unaware of what the product is and how it can be of any help, here is a brief on the same. 

What is CRAZY BULK? CRAZY BULK has made its way amongst the top of the line legal steroid department. This product has been exclusively made with the aim to facilitate faster muscle gain naturally. You can also expect to foster six-packs and faster results in terms of increased energy, visible muscle gain, and much more. 

The best part is all this will be done without any possibility of side-effects. If you include this supplement in your daily diet and workout on a regular basis, then you can expect to see visible changes within few weeks. CRAZY BULK is manufactured using top- notch pharmaceutical grade ingredients, which makes it safe for human consumption. You can include this supplement in your diet without getting it prescribed by your doctor. A lot of fitness trainers and gym instructors recommend this product to their trainees.

What benefits can be derived from CRAZY BULK supplements? There are many benefits that you can expect to get from regular consumption of the supplement. 
Here Is A List Of Some Of The Benefits That Men Can Expect To Get.

– *An increased muscular strength*

– *Increased endurance*

– *Increased fat loss*

– *Increased density*

– *Increased recovery time*

– *Enhanced energy levels during               workout*

– *Faster results*

– *Will help derive more from your             workout*

The best part about consumption of CRAZY BULK supplement is that one can achieve all these benefits without having the fear of being targeted with any side-effect.

Before And After Pictures Of Using Crazy Bulk…..




Is it Safe? YES, it is. It has been time since the product has been launched in the market and the good news is there are no reports of any side-effects from the consumer’s end. The supplement has been with 100% legal steroids that make this product safe for use. Though illegal ones provide miraculous results but they can considerably make you fall prey to a number of undesirable conditions. Legal steroids, on the other hand, offer the same results but without any side- effects. To a certain extent, it can also result in high testosterone levels in men, which is a good sign. You can start consuming it on a regular basis without any hesitation.

Does Crazy Bulk Really Meet Its Claim?

After asking many bodybuilders, athletes, fitness fanatics, and others who consume the CRAZY BULK supplement, we got a positive review from all of them. According to the users, the results are visible after two-three weeks of consumption; the time may vary from case to case. Some noticed visible changes from week 2, while others noticed changes in 3 weeks. But overall, the results are visible and it is for the better. But you have to make sure that you include a healthy diet and follow a regular workout session along with this supplement to derive the best results.

What Is The Perfect Diet To Follow While Consuming Crazy Bulk Supplements?

If you want to gain muscle mass, then it is necessary that you start consuming more calories than you burn. Bulking workouts are very intensive and demanding, so your calorie intake has to be high if you want to achieve your desired body goal. Try to consume more than 3,500 calories a day, depending on your metabolism and personal muscle building aims. 

An ideal bulking diet usually comprises of 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein, and 20% fat. Also include protein shakes and recovery shakes, as they also contribute a lot towards achieving your goal. If you follow this diet with your CRAZY BULK supplement, then you will be astonished to see the visible results within few weeks. Click below to ORDER….


Is The Supplement Legal?

YES, the CRAZY BULK supplement is 100% legal, so you need not worry about that. As told earlier, it is made using 100% legal anabolic steroids that help in increasing your muscle mass, increase your energy and endurance, resulting in powerful pumps, rapid recovery, and much more. The reason, this supplement is available in most online and offline fitness supplement store is that it is 100% legal. You can buy this product without any hesitation.  It is not only legal but is also free from side-effects.

If you have been trying hard to gain some muscle mass by spending hours in the gym or following your trainer’s instruction religiously, yet are unable to derive the expected results then the CRAZY BULK is for you. It is probably one of the best available products in the relevant category that can promote muscle mass gain in a natural way. Also, the result can be visible within a short span of as less than a month.

Consumers worldwide have given a positive response for this supplement and preferring to continue this oral steroid consumption for long. Nothing can be better than getting the desired results within a comparatively less time and that too, using a natural supplement. If you have always dreamt of getting that perfect body, then it is time you grab this supplement and turn your dreams into a reality.* click here to find OUT MORE****


Best Regards

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WARNING!!!! Don’t Do Intermittent Fasting (IF) If You Want To Loss Weight

True be told, everybody want to achieve fast weight loss, better health, and increased in fitness levels. Tell me who does not want to lose weight? All of us do want to shed a few pounds. Almost every second person wants to change the way they look. (Please always love yourself for who you are because you are special no matter what😚😚)

This makes us want to try new methods the moment we hear about something new online. This lead to the weightloss trend called intermittent fasting. 

My question is would want to to go through all that fasting thing because you want to loss weight, how will you even loss weight if you body isn’t getting enough nutrient to back it up.
You might have come across some ” Too Good To Be True ” benefit of Intermittent fasting like :

*Increased Fatty Acid Oxidation (Body burns more fat as energy, leading to fast weight loss)

*Increased Cell Resistance (Slowed down ageing process, improved immunity)

*Increased Insulin Sensitivity (Less fluctuation in blood sugar levels, more constant energy & mood levels)

*Reduced Cortisol Production (Lower stress levels)

*Reduced Inflammation (Faster body healing, repair, and recovery)

*Reduced Cancer Cells proliferation Rate (Reduced incidence of several types of cancer)

*Reduced Cognitive Decline for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease

*Reduced Incidence of Heart Disease.

And you know you have to do regular fasts of 14+ hours for women, and 16+ hours for men to achieve that. Wow!!!! Who would want to go through that (yeah I know a lot of desperate people) don’t let your desperation lead you to develop other health issues. ( i won’t advice you to get those worm in your stomach offended ) NEVER SKIP MEALS.  People who skip meals, especially breakfast, tell their body to store fat. Give priority to breakfast, a snack 2 hours before you exercise and a meal after you exercise, will burn more calories with a boosted metabolism.

The other problem is that when you go without food, you feel like a crap (No offense please) As soon as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) sets in, your energy drops and you get cranky. Who would want to feel that way. NO!!!! “Yeah”, I thought, “You know what? Screw this fasting thing. We all love food so much, and this intermittent fasting is crazy anyways”.
Best Option For Weight loss

You can follow the 40/40/20 rule instead. You should have 40 percent healthy carbs, 40 percent lean protein and 20 percent healthy fats at each meal. The following are good guidelines for this meal plan:

1) Make sure at least 20 percent of your healthy carbs are from produce. Try spinach salads, red potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, peppers and other nutrient-rich veggies.

2) Try to replace some of your whole grain breads and pastas with legumes, such as chickpeas, black beans and pinto beans. Ancient grains like quinoa and wild rice are better for you than whole grain bread.

3) Eat lean proteins like egg whites, low-fat cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, salmon, tuna, chicken breasts, turkey breasts and low-fat cuts of other meat.

4) Choose monosaturated fats, like olive oil and avocado, peanut butter, nuts and seeds over saturated fats from full-fat dairy (butter) and animal fats (bacon fat).

You should be able to reach your goal weight:

✔Without feeling hungry

✔ Exercising

✔Enjoying healthy, nutrious meals

✔And receiving a community of              support.

Your weight loss results will vary depending on your individual circumstances and how much you have to lose. The best diet to lose weight, should includes the consumption of fruits, vegetables and Starch. There is no prerequisite to this except that you need to be healthy enough to practice it.

 NOTE: Losing too much weight very fast can be harmful. You need to go slow and effective with all necessary nutrients in diet. If you are healthy, adding multivitamins supplements and exercise is a good place to go.  

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Why that cup of tea does you more good than you think!

​Do you know how beneficial that your must-have cup of morning tea is? According to nutritionists, tea can improve your health. For a happy head for instance, black tea, the kind you will find inside ordinary tea bags, contains an amino acid that helps increase feel-good hormones in the brain such as scrotonin and dopamine. It works by bringing stress hormone levels back to normal while boosting concentration. It also helps combat the symptoms of PMT.

Herbal teas—made from plants—aren’t technically teas, but herbal infusions. However, they still have lots of health benefits.

Lavender is known for its calming, anti-anxiety properties,and echinacea is used to boost the immune system. Tea is a natural source of fluoride whichhelps strengthen tooth enamel. It may also prevent the build-up of plaque on teeth, as long as you don’t add sugar. Black teas have been shown to help reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Studies suggest that drinking three cups of tea a day can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

For curing runny nose, white tea—made from the buds rather than the leaves of the tea plant—has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Koa Tea has a delicious blend with herbs such as lemon verbena, lemon grass and echinacea, which boost the immune system. It’s the perfect light, citrussy antidote to a cold.


For great skin, tea is full of antioxidants called catechins. Three cups of green tea have eight times more antioxidants than one apple. By using loose leaves, you’ll get even higher levels. These antioxidants help fight the signs of ageing, and protect against skin damage. For all-round well being, there is evidence that the catechins in green tea fight cancer calls, reduce the risk of diabetes and protect against brain diseases. Green tea also boosts energy. The catechins in green and oolong teas (oolong is a type of Chinese tea) are believed to speed up metabolism which—combined with a healthy diet and exercise—could help weight loss.
For a bloated tummy, mint helps digestion and soothes the stomach, which is great after a big meal or if you’re feeling queasy.

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Why Going For A Laser Treatment As An Alternative For Hairloss Isn’t a Bad Idea

Different manufacturers all claim that their laser combs, helmets and other gadgets promote hair regrowth for pattern baldness. Many of which contain:

Minoxidil: Similar to products such as Rogaine. Which shown to potentially work for certain kinds of baldness, but is not guaranteed. There is also a risk for many kinds of side effects, and it can potentially cause increased hair loss. While this ingredient is FDA approved, there are many considerations as not everyone is advised to use this additive.

Laser Treatment: Only intended for people with thinning hair and not already bald heads. Though there is a FDA clearance, the majority of reviews are negative. It won’t lead to any side effects and it is safe to use, but it seems that it won’t have any effect at all to help support growing hair according to most customers.
Laser treatment for hair loss you may ask!!! The word laser confuses a lot of people at first. Is this something that is going to beam a hole through my head or burn my scalp? NO!!! Most laser now come in form of combs, these combs use low-level lasers. These lasers stimulate hair follicles into a growth cycle much akin to a product like Rogaine. This growth cycle is also referred to as the anagen. This increases adenosine three phosphate (ATP) and keratin production. Enhancing cellular metabolism and activity, these two coenyzmes are responsible for intracellular energy transfer as well as being known for stimulating living cells such as the hair follicle cells.
Hair follicles require a number of nutrients to grow strong and healthy. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) get in the way of this delivery system.The laser comb helps make sure nutrients are delivered more efficiently to hair follicles and also removes said DHT from the scalp.
There are lots of laser combs on the market, but which is the best?

Amazon Rating: 4 Stars

Product Features:

*.Suited for both male and female          hair loss

*.Promotes increased hairhealth and      re-growth with proven results

*.Reduces Hair Loss

*.Delivers 12 individual beams of            Laser Therapy

*.Rechargeable with Charging Cradle      included Improves Hair condition        resulting it fuller, thicker and                healthier.

Requires no batteries,and can be charged inunder 12 hours using the included charing cradle.

What Is A Hairmax Lasercomb?

The HairMax Laser Comb is a hand held electronic device whichuses low level (low power) laser (light) therapy (LLLT) to treat numerous conditions by stimulating healing, relieving pain and inflammation, and otherwise restoring normal function.

The product works for men and women suffering from hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) and claims to produce an average of 20% hair growth in as little as 12 weeks. Treatment is self-administered in your own home by passing the comb over your scalp (through your hair) 3 times per week, for 1015 minutes per treatment. What makes it so special?  

It’s the first and only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certified medical device clinically proven to treat male and female pattern baldness. That makes it one of only three products granted FDA approval as a clinically proven hair loss treatment method.  The other two being Propecia (oral) and Minoxidil (topical).

The website offers hair fibers, supplements, treatments, shampoos, conditioners, hair stabilizers, and 4 different types of home laser devices.

It’s suggested that the following users should use a HairMaxlaser device:
“The ideal candidate is one that has mild to moderate hair loss or thinning, and wants to regrow lost hair, and to help prevent further progression. It is best to start treatment at the first signs of hair loss, becausethe earlier you start, the better your results will be”

Bald users or those with severe hair loss are not able to use this brand, there has to be some hair still available to help promote results. Men and women with moderate hair loss are advised to use it instead. The reason for this is because in bald heads the hair follicles are no longer active. The only product that can be used for bald sports are hair fiber sand the product Minoxidil, which uses the same key active ingredient as Rogaine. I will also like you to try profollica for hairloss, this is only of the product that I have always recommended for people looking for a way out of the hairloss syndromeClick here for more….

What are the downsides of this product? Evidence suggests that the laser comb is most effective for hair loss patients who are in the early or middle stages of hair loss. As with other hair loss treatments, however, every one reacts differently. A growing number of dermatologists have reported significant results from their patients using the laser comb.


*.FDA approved for effectiveness and    safety

*.For both men and women

*.Relatively low application                      frequency (3x weekly)

*.Increased blood flow to the scalp

*.Stimulates the anagen (growth)            phase of hair follicles


*.Each treatment takes 10-15 minutes

*.May cause minor itching and scalp      irritation

*.Potentially limited to hair loss users    with early stage pattern baldness.

The manufacturers of the HairMax Laser Comb series contend that their technology provides users with the triple-threat against hair loss. They claim it can re-stimulate new hair growth, prevent further hair loss, and grow thicker, healthier hair.
They do back up their laser devises with a great money back return policy. This allows users to try it for a long period before deciding if they don’t want it anymore. However, this is only available if purchased via the official website. Also, this comes with a expensive 20% restocking fee.

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How To Get The Best Out Of Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is the smallest AHA, enabling it to penetrate within the dermal layers of the skin. This unique property makes glycolic acid a suitable ingredient for treating a multiple of skin concerns including anti-ageing, with its ability to trigger cell turnover which stimulates new production of collagen and elastin, pigmentation, acne and rosacea due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.
Generally AHAs are fabulous for skin that is sun damaged or dry as it can treat the dermis without drying out the skin. However, they’re not always your best choice for those with blemish prone skin

Glycolic Acid Beauty Tip

1.Use gentle and soap-free cleansers to avoid irritations. If you choose cleansers for sensitive skin, you won’t go wrong.

2.In the morning, the skin needs protection from the sun not justas a general rule but also to because glycolic acid increases the skin’s hypersensitivity to the sun. Apply a minimum 30 SPF.

3.In the evening, the skin sets outto naturally repair itself. Apply the glycolic acid lotion right after cleansing to maximize its effect.

Try Out This Glycolic Acid For Better Results.

75% Acne Glycolic Peeling Exfoliation Essence Glycolic Acid Skin Repair Shrink Pores Whitening

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Glycolic Acid 40% Renewal Chemical Peel Exfoliator Pure AHA Cosmetic Strength Free Ship

Glycolic Acid 40% Renewal Chemical Peel Exfoliator Pure AHA Cosmetic Strength Free Ship

US $21.73

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Spotlight Focus: Phen375 The best Weight loss Supplement

Start your weight-loss journey with Phen375, Today!

Phen375 has been designed to help suppress appetite as well as increase the body’s metabolic rate. The most common reason that dieting is so difficult is due to the inability to control appetite and maintain an optimal metabolic rate.


Appetite control is essential to long term weight loss. Meals should never be skipped, rather, they should be controlled. Skipping meals actually forces your body to go into a starvation mode. It slows down the metabolic rate to preserve itself and makes the fat burning process more difficult. Ideally, you want to reduce calories, while also increasing meal frequency. Phen375 was designed to aid you in controlling your appetite and along with our diet plans the process becomes easier to accomplish.

Rapid weight loss is accomplished or occurs when your body requires calories that are not present in the body. The body has to break fat down into energy. However, fat is where the body stores toxins. Once the fat burning process begins, it also releases toxins.

The best way to flush these toxins is to consume a healthy amount of water. Phen375 is designed to naturally help increase thirst which obviously leads to an increase in water consumption.

How It Works

Phen375 is a dietary supplement designed for weight loss and hunger suppression

Phen375 Ingredients Image

Phen375 is produced in an FDA approved facility. This assures Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), many fat burners and diet pills are manufactured using similar practices

Our main objective is to create a formula using high quality ingredients resulting in a dietary supplement that can lead to weight loss and hunger suppression.

Become a Slimmer, More Sexy You!

Imagine yourself becoming slimmer and getting in shape. Any doctor or dietitian will tell you that in order to lose weight, you have to reduce caloric intake, eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly. Losing the extra pounds will not only make you feel better, but you will also look better.

Phen375 is a dietary supplement designed for weight loss and hunger suppression!

Consuming excessive calories without burning it off normally results in weight gain. Phen375 has specifically-designed diet plans and exercise routines created to help you burn fat.

You Can Change Your Life Now!

Doctor’s, dieticians and other experts agree that the best way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories and be more active

For most people, a reasonable goal is to lose about a pound a week, which means, cutting about 500 calories a day from your diet, eating a variety of nutritious foods and exercising regularly!


Let Phen375 assist you in your weight-loss journey!

Buy now to take advantage of the free diet plan and cellulite reduction reported limited time offer when you purchase Phen375.

Become a Slimmer, Sexier More Attractive You!

Imagine yourself becoming slimmer and getting in shape in No-Time!

Losing those extra pounds will not only make you look better but you will also feel better!

Catherine's testimonial

I took Phen375 for 60 days. I dropped down from 140 pounds to my ideal weight of 115. I’m happier, have more energy and owe it all to this amazing diet pill! 100% recommended. 
Catherine, USA

Denise's testimonial

My starting weight before Phen375 was 148 lbs. I was always uncomfortable in any clothes. After taking these pills I dropped 20 lbs. almost immediately. Now I look amazing in any clothes! 
Denise, USA

Evelyn's testimonial

I started at 130 and for my frame that is pretty heavy! I thought it would take forever to get to my goal of 105 lbs. but I did it in just 40 days. I feel good and I look way better now. 
Evelyn, USA

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KouTea- A Blend of Super Teas to Aid in Weight Loss and Wellness

​Introducing KouTea


KouTea is a brand new weight loss tea that is stirring up a lot of excitement in the dieting community. It is one of the latest offerings from RDK, the manufacturers of the popular diet pill Phen375. All of RDK’s products are backed by clinical studies and manufactured in an FDA-approved lab, making them a lot more reliable than some of the more dubious diet pill brands. 

KouTea claims several health benefits as well as possible weight loss and appetite suppression.  It contains a proprietary blend of 4 teas that work to boost the metabolism and are thought to promote healthy weight loss. If the claims are substantiated, KouTea is a good option for those who require some extra assistance losing weight but do not wish to use diet pills. 

There is plenty of research available about the many health benefits associated with green tea, so KouTea is also recommended for those seeking to improve their diet and lifestyle.  

What is KouTea?

To learn about how KouTea works as a diet supplement, we need to examine exactly what it is. KouTea’s manufacturers describe it as a ‘4 combination slimming tea’ that provides simple, effective results without any side effects. 

Unlike the vast majority of diet products, KouTea is a beverage that is meant to be consumed hot and in a leisurely fashion. It is not a ‘quick fix’ diet pill that promises instantaneous results, and is designed to be enjoyed as much as it is to help. 

KouTea contains a combination of 4 blended teas with different health properties and nutritional benefits that can aid you in your weight loss efforts. These are: 

1. Green tea

2. Oolong tea

3. Pu-erh tea 

4. White tea 

Each different tea has undergone various studies and lengthy research to back up its claims and demonstrate its effectiveness. KouTea is designed to be enjoyed by people of various shapes, sizes and lifestyles.


It can be drunk as a refreshing beverage throughout the day and unlike other supplements, you can have as much or as little as you like without any danger. For best results, it is recommended that KouTea is enjoyed as part of a healthy diet and exercise regime, and results are not guaranteed in the absence of these. 

How does it work?

KouTea works by assisting your metabolism. The different teas work together to promote a variety of health benefits, including possibly controlling the appetite and speeding up the metabolism so that you consume less fat, but burn more. The possible health and weight loss benefits of KouTea are gradual and cumulative, so it should not be taken for miraculous overnight weight loss. 

KouTea is designed to enhance weight loss efforts and promote immune health in the process. Unlike diet pills which can have severe side effects or extreme diets which can cause your weight to yoyo, KouTea is a more natural and healthy approach to weight loss. 

How do you take it?

For maximum results you are encouraged to drink at least 2 cups of KouTea per day. You can drink it hot or cold, morning or evening, and adjust the strength to suit your preference. 

Each box contains a month’s supply of KouTea but for extra savings it is recommended that you buy in bulk. For example, if you order 3 boxes you get 1 extra free. You will need to drink KouTea for a few months to experience the optimum health benefits, so it is best to stock up accordingly.

Orders are shipped using UPS and have tracking numbers, delivery, signature confirmation and postal insurance included in the shipping cost. Always consult a doctor if you have a current health condition, have a heart condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding before taking KouTea

What results can you expect? 

There are numerous testimonials on the KouTea website claiming positive results within only a few weeks; however results will vary for each individual. Over time you may begin to experience the various possible health benefits such as improved energy, improved digestion, reduced appetite and even improved concentration.

In general the most common result people experience is better health and an improved metabolism.  For maximum benefit it is strongly advised that KouTea be incorporated into an active lifestyle with a low fat diet. 

How to order 

KouTea is only available online. Order it from the official KouTea site for the best discounts: 


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Garcinia Cambogia Extra Helps You To Reduce Body Fat Naturally In A Faster Way


​Garcinia Cambogia Extra – more than just another garcinia weight loss pill?

If you’ve been looking for some help with weight loss you may have noticed that garcinia cambogia is the hottest product of the moment?

Of course, not all garcinia cambogia diet pills are made equal.  Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon and made cheap, substandard pills.  

How do you know whether Garcinia Cambogia Extra will genuinely help you to lose weight fast?  We’ve reviewed this product and this is what we’ve found…

What is Garcinia Extra?

Garcinia Cambogia Extra is a popular natural diet supplement, containing not one but two active ingredients; garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones.

Both of these ingredients have been bought individually in high quantities for their abilities to burn fat.  Now they are available in one weight loss pill.

Garcinia Extra is a high quality garcinia supplement created by the established company behind a number of successful diet pills including Capsiplex and Proactol XS.  It’s suitable for vegetarians, has a website available in a number of languages and ships worldwide.

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How will it help you lose weight?

Garcinia Extra aids your weight loss in a number of ways:

* Burns fat

* Supports appetite control

* Inhibits fat production

Store Less Fat on Your Hips, Stomach and Bum
One of the key benefits of garcinia cambogia is that it is said to inhibit fat production.  This means that when you eat foods containing carbs and sugars less of these are stored as fat on your body.


How does garcinia cambogia do this? Well, it contains an active ingredient, Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) which prevent the production of an enzyme, citrate lyase, that your body needs to store fat.
Importantly, Garcinia Cambogia Extra, contains 60% HCA which is the recommended amount.


Feel Less Hungry and Be Satisfied with Smaller Portions
HCA, the key to garcinia cambogia weight loss, also helps suppress your appetite.  Every dieter knows just how important this is – a soon as you start dieting you feel starving all the time and suffer from cravings.
Each dose of Garcinia Extra contains a massive 1000mg of garcinia cambogia.

Burn Fat Faster
Raspberry Ketones are the key ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia Extra when it comes to fat burning.  They are said to help your body burn fat naturally and to be linked to the hormone adiponectin which regulates metabolic processes and the % of fat in the body.
Each dose of Garcinia Extra contains 200mg of raspberry ketones, the recommended daily amount.

Where can you buy Garcinia Extra?

Garcinia Cambogia Extra is only available from the official website,  You won’t find Garcinia Extra on the site also at HEALTHMISTER.

Garcinia Extra ships worldwide and there are no shipping costs – it’s delivered to your door for free!

Because it’s only available online there are some amazing deals on Garcinia Extra.  
Currently they are offering the following deals:

* Buy 2 bottles, Get 1 free

* Buy 3 bottles, Get 3 bottles free 
You can also save an extra 10% on these deals by using this exclusive discount code GCE10.  
We don’t know how long these deals will be available, so if you can, it’s definitely worth purchasing today.

Lose Weight or Your Money Back

If a high quality garcinia cambogia supplement and some huge savings weren’t enough to convince us to buy then the money back guarantee certainly is. They promise that if you’re not satisfied you can return your unused Garcinia Extra within 67 days and you’ll receive your money back.

So you get to try this weight loss pill completely risk !

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