What Negative Impact Does Video Games Have On Children?

Computer games are exciting and cool, you get to do things in the game that you would never actually do in real life.

Without a doubt, electronic games are more than than just high-tech entertainment, they challenge your skill and help keep boredom at bay. Video games games can sharpen your reflexes and some of them may even enhance your math and reading skills. Besides, the latest video game is likely to be the basis for school-yard conservation. If you play a popular game, then you have something to talk about with your peers.

Video games have been describe as by parent as time-consuming and very addictive that encourage laziness and make us fat. They often portray violent, gang wars, drug use, explicit sexual content, foul language, intense violence, blood, and gore. Some bestselling games features cult practice.

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Many of these violent games can be play live on the internet. The internet roleplaying games have become hugely popular. In these, participates create online characters whether human, animal or a blend of both. This online world contains shops, cars, home, dance clubs, brothels- in many ways, it is a replica of the real world.

Mafia men, pimps, prostitutes, extortionist, counterfeiters and assassins are just a few of the sordid character that inhabit these online worlds. Just by pressing a few buttons, avatars can engage in sex while the real world participants talk about sex via instant messaging. Some games even promote homosexual behavior. Studies repeatedly shoe that watching violent entertainment increase aggression in those who view it. Infact, some experts say that because of the interactive nature if video games, they can have a stronger effect than TV. Exposure to high does of graphic sex and hideous violence can damage your sense of moral.

Many video games are created for single players, so they can isolate you from friends and family. They may also lead to addiction and affect your everyday life. In rare cases, players spent days in front of the computer without eating or sleeping. Another drawback is that video games can increase your changes of becoming obese and unfit. The constant use of thumbs and wrists may cause tendonitis, wrist pain, RSI and other problems.


Rather than playing game just because your peers enjoy it, have the strength to make your own informed choice.

Their are ganes designed to have educational and physical benefits for players. Games that require your thinking abilities like Chess, Board games, Scrabble, Cards, Monopoly and so one train the brain to perform better in real-life activities.

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