Latest Research Found Genetic Mutations Has One Of The Causes Of Severe Eczema

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For more than 17 million people in the United States living with severe eczema – a condition that results in dry, and itchy rashes.

In a study, mutations in a gene known as CARD11 were identified as one underlying cause for severe eczema. Severe eczema can run in families, which suggests a genetic cause.

These CARD11 mutations can prevent T cells  from being able to do their jobs normally. The mutations prevent the cells from taking in enough glutamine, which is needed for T cells to maintain their proper function. This also explain why some patients with severe eczema have a history of pneumonia, warts, and other types of lung and othee skin infections.

While a mutation in the CARD11 gene is only one possible cause for severe eczema, its discovery can influence new therapies. Current treatments, including over-the-counter and prescription pills or creams, focus on bringing down the inflammation and relieving the itching. TRY THIS

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