How To Maintain Your Weight While Traveling This Holiday Season 

​Regardless of your goals, maintaining a steady diet is fairly easy when you’re in the comfort of your own home and regular routine.  However, when the summer rolls around or the boss sends you out for work, traveling can pose a major issue for any fitness enthusiasts diet.

While traveling your diet might go from fairly decent to absolutely horrible in a matter of days. This is what I’d call my “vacation diet.” When traveling, there are many ways to mess up a near-perfect, habitual intake. The first issue is lack of time. When travelling, one usually spends more time on the road, in between flights, in meetings or (insert random activity here), than normal. Therefore, the less time one has, the less time there is to cook.  When there’s notime to cook, lots of dining out or the seemingly quick fixes you discover at the gas station usually ensue.

Another issue is the temporary break in your daily habits.  If you ever pay attention to your daily actions, I’m quite certain you’d be surprised by how much we rely on a set routine. if you’re traveling, access to some foods you like may not be available. Plus, even if you have access, you may not have the time to cook them and to actually sit down and enjoy your post-workout feast.
Another issue istraveling with others. You don’t want to be the person who buys a bunch of food in bulk only to dine in solitude in your fifth floor suite.  Then again, it’s rather difficult when you’re traveling with those who are everything but health and/or physique conscious.

Is it Possible to be Physique-Conscious While Traveling?

Yes, but what do you really do when traveling?  Is there a sane approach to at least maintain your weight or even lose weight while being away from your daily routine?

Sure there is, you just have to be a bit more mindful with your approach. 

First of all, let’s take a look at what’s likely the biggest downfall to dining while you travel.  Fast food.  It’s easy, cheap and plentiful.  It’s on every corner and typically the main food source for those who are on-the-go.  I understand the reasoning and I don’t think a little fast food now and thenis ever a bad thing.  It does become a problem, though, when it’s all you consume for every meal.

Typically, fast food is low in protein and high in calories.  It depends on what you order and where you dine, but for the most part, the macronutrient ratio is not too favorable for most fitness enthusiasts.

When, not if, you go out, it’d be a good idea to focus on foods that are higher in protein and lower in calories.  This means opting for sandwiches with grilled meat as opposed to fried.
If you go out to dinner at a dine-in restaurant, look to see if there is a “light” menu.  Most places will cook to order; so, if you’re polite and sincere, asking the server to prepare your meal with less oil or butter is rarely a problem.  Just bestern and make a point to emphasize the importance to you.

Plan Workouts If Possible

if you know that your hotel has an exercise room, commit to using it at least a few days during your visit. Not only will this increase your expenditure to help balance out the excess fast food intake, but it will keep you from getting stale.  It’s never fun to return home after a 10 day vacation and be fairly detrained.
If you don’t have access to a weight room, plan to do some mobility/conditioning work outdoors if the setting permits. Bodyweight exercises can do a lot more than you might think.

Eat Your Breakfast for Lunch

That’s not a typo.  Simply break your fast­ much later than you normally would. Intermittent Fasting can be a physique-saver when traveling, especially if you’re known to let loose and pound the food.  I recommend doing a 1416 hour fast daily which means if you eat your last meal around 8 p.m., you simply wait until 10 a.m. to 12 noon to have your first meal.  Ideally, you’ll break your fast with some lean protein, fruit and some veggies.

Since your eating schedule and food selection are going to vary, getting half your daily protein needs in this meal can provide a few benefits.  One is the satiety factor of eating 75100g protein in one meal, and another is knowing you’re already halfway to reaching your protein daily protein needs. 

It is possible to maintain your weight or even keep up your fat-loss diet but you’ll have to be mindful of food selection and make a point to have some sort of structure. This means being cognisant of the foods you’re eating, when and how much. It also means being sure to hit your protein targets as this helps with retention of lean body mass, as well as provides the satiety that’s oh so important on any diet.

Bring Your Water Bottle

Don’t forget to bring along your reusable water bottle. Keep it empty before heading through security and then fill it up with water. Having nature’s beverage on hand will remind you to sip it regularly, which keeps your belly full, prevents dehydration (which can make travel symptoms worse), and prevents the temptation to buy bottles of soda or sugary juice.

Load Up on Fruits and Veggies When You Can

Fresh fruits and vegetables are sometimes tough to come by while traveling, so whenever you have the opportunity to eat them, load up. The high water and fiber content will not only keep your digestive system flowing, but these foods will keep you full longer, preventing unnecessary snacking later. And don’t be bashful about grabbing a couple of pieces of fruit from the hotel’s breakfast buffet for later.

Don’t Overdo It on the Fruity Cocktails

If there’s a bathing suit and flip flops packed in your suitcase, there’s no doubt you’re there to indulge a little. Sipping a fruity cocktail under the warm sun is the definition of relaxation, but be mindful of how many liquid calories you’re kicking back. Aside fromthe hundreds found in most cocktails, getting a little tipsy can lower your guard, making you more likely to say yes to extra edibles. I know it’s hot, but don’t trick yourself into saying you’re drinking rum punches to stay hydrated — after enjoying your cocktail, you’re better off ordering a calorie-free tonic water with a squeeze of lime.

Go For A Run

Want to know the best way to get to know a city? Go for a run. I was totally missing out when I was traveling going to all these different places.

Going for a run is a complete workout. It get’s your arms moving, your abs working hard, back muscles, your legs rocking, and your ass gets tighter. What else do you want? This is basically available to anywhere you go, and all you need is some runners.

Bring Vitamins and Shakes

The other massive secret to losing weight is to use the right supplements, shakes, and give your body a chance to naturally lose weight. See people don’t realize that weight loss is impossible and harder if you are eating like crap. Seriously. If you drink soda, coffee, beer, and eat white bread, a ton of carbs, and more, you are actually doing some incredible damage to your body. Forget calories, for a second. Imagine if you just ate bread and butter, and then drank coke, but kept your calories down to 1,500 calories. You think you would lose weight easily and gain any kind of muscle? Of course not! In fact you would likely get sick very often, sore from workouts, and your body would start to save up any fat it can store trying to save itself from the death you are trying to bring it.

Not only that, but after a great workout, you need to replenish your body with water, and the proper nutritional elements so that it can repair damaged tissues and purify your body.

In essence when you workout, you are actually eliminating garbage from your body, and also tearing upmuscles so that they can rebuild stronger. You need to put in some good stuff to replace the bad stuff! There are many great products out there that can deliver the ultimate health benefits to your body,


Remember the reason you are traveling this holiday season. If it’s vacation, remember to enjoy the time you’re spending with loved ones. The relationships and experiences we garner as a result of interaction with those around us are far more important than sticking to a rigid, neurotic diet and exercise plan. INT

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