How Recreation Can Help You Improve Your Physical, Emotional and Mental Well-being


Recreation is define as an activity of leisure, leisure being discretionary time. People spend most of their time in activities of living, social duties and work. Many work 9/5 daily, and the only free time they got which is on weekend should be use for recreation. 

Having a day or two for yourself “spare time“, can allow you to consider and reflect on the values and realities that are missed in the activities of daily life, thus being an essential element of personal development. Remember the saying that goes “All work and no play make jack a dull boy”. Also recreation has many benefits. Such benefits can be felt both physically and mentally, which deals with stress and depression and also help us feel better and relax.


Quality Time With Families

Recreation is a good way to get close and build strong relationship with family. Most business men and women spend time far away from home and the only time they have for the children would be in weekend. But if you do recreational activities with your family during your “spare time” then this will enhance your relationship with your family. A few examples recreation activities to consider are reading, playing or listening to music, watching movies or TV, gardening, hunting, sports, studies, and travel.

Helps You Loss More Weight

Recreation also helps maintain a healthy weight and reduce risk of chronic disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Outdoor recreation activities can control space and overweight, obesity and adults’ physical activity levels. Like the second law of thermodynamic state “”When a person is not making use of what he/she consume, and tends to be taking in more calories than are needed. These unused calories accumulate into as fat.

Helps In Stress And Depression

Recreational activities can be best solution for you who wants to try avoid stress and depression. Both physical activity and outdoor settings reduce stress, anxiety and depression, Spending time exercising can lead to an increase in positive moods and a reduction in cortisol levels, a hormone released when the body feels stress.

Recreation Bring People Together


Recreation is an important factor in cultivating love of neighbor. This is important, since humans are social beings. Each person would need to make friends with others. To obtain friendship with others, there are many paths. But recreation is the best way to build friendship, solidarity and love. That’s where people accept each other, need each other, wanting each other, fostering mutual cooperation and understanding. The important thing is the fact that the recreation facilities are able to develop maturity and social maturity.

In support of recreational activities government has taken an important role in their creation, maintenance, and organization, and whole industries have developed merchandise or services. Recreation-related business is an important factor in the economy whereby making government and private sector invest in public space such as parks and beaches as an avenues for many recreational activities. Tourism has recognized that many visitors are specifically attracted by recreational offerings all over the world which now result in building a multi million industry’s annually to their economy and generates  million of jobs.

Their are any recreational activities are organized, typically by public institutions, voluntary group-work agencies, private groups supported by membership fees, and commercial enterprises. One that is gaining popularity is the….

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