12 Travel Destinations That Will Cheer You Up When You’re Feeling Depress Or Sad

We’ve compiled a list of the best travel destination everyone should enrich their life with around the world travel. And while we’re at it…all these reasons can also be taken as our motivation for doing what we do at AirTreks.

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Life isn’t always a bed of ROSES. Sometimes, we have to deal with things we don’t want to, things get hard, and we get depressed. No matter what you’re wrestling with at the moment, considering a vacation can help relief the depression.

While running away doesn’t solve problems, doing something for you will refresh your body and cleanse your mind, so you can deal with the situation appropriately when you get back.


The soft shrubbery and florals of Härjedalen, Sweden, gave it the nickname “the lung‘s of Europe” for its pure air and beautiful wilderness. Upon visiting this region, you’ll forget about your troubles as you hike, bike, canoe, and watch the wild game. Plus, snapping pictures of the giant mountains (the tallest is 1,797 meters above sea level) will put your problems in perspective.


If you’re looking to perk up with tons of island vacation activities. From parasailing to zip lining, tennis to horse racing, art classes to cultural museums, you’ll never run out of things to do here. Oh, and you can always lounge on the sandy white beaches!


Slip into one of Taiwan’s more than 150 hot springs, shop for arts and crafts in the old town ofLugang, meditate on the ethereal Sun Moon Lake, and sight see the majestic Chung Tai Chan Monastery. Taiwan’s immersive, friendly, and vibrant culture pretty much guarantees a good time.


Looking for an accessible ocean escape? Head to Miami. Whether you wish to surf, sunbathe, play volleyball, walk your dog, or just take in the stellar views of the Atlantic, each of the diverse beaches has something unique to offer. And when you’re traveling in land, definitely stop at the boutique hotels and extravagant spas!


There’s nothing quite like Maldives to lift wayward spirits up. Socialize in the underwater nightclubs, crash a beach party, hop along the islands, snorkel, scuba dive, taste-test local cuisine, and practice yoga during sunrise.


Located in southeast France, the town of Annecy boasts castles, cathedrals, and exquisite dining and shopping. Explore the nearby mountains, walk along the lovely cobbled streets, and take a boat cruise. You’ll feel like you’re in a fairy tale.


Porto Seguro, Brazil, provides a radiant South American experience. With fabulous seaside resorts, an artsy street fair, and amazing beaches, restaurants, and performances, it’s impossible not to smile during your whole trip here.

8. Malibu, CA 

For a breezy coastal getaway, Malibu certainly stacks up. The sunny whimsical beach town is home to perfect waves, fresh California fashion, and eye-catching landscape. Be sure to stay near the ocean in the evenings to catch a breathtaking sunset.


London is a must-visit city. If you’re new to international travel and want toget your feet wet, there’s probably no better destination. Not only is there alot to do in London, but it’s cheap and easy to get to from most major U.S. cities. There’s also no language barrier, which is a bonus for people who get nervous about that.


The beauty of Cape Town is astonishing. Not only is the landscape unique, but there’s wildlife galore, including the Big Five (lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhino). There’s much to see; whether you prefer a fast pace or slow and easy, there’s an itinerary for you.


If you’ve never been to Switzerland, Lucerne is a fantastic first city to experience. Conveniently near to the Zurich airport, the town is compact, yet lively. Not only are there lots of attractions in the city, but you can enjoy an array of hiking trails just outside of town.


Whether you want to kayak to avolcano, abseil down a waterfall, swim with sharks, or tackle challenging trails on a mountain bike, Auckland has everything an adventure lover could ask for. Oh, and it’s also a city that teems with good food and entertainment.

Whether you go to London, CapeTown, Lucerne, Auckland, or somewhere entirely different, boarding a plane and flying to a foreign destination where you’re equal parts excited and intimidated is great for your growth and development.

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