Why Your Body Itch Alway After Taking Your Bath

Do you always experience itching all over your body. Do it occur when your body get wet which may last for some minutes or even some hour ( please see you doctor if it takes some hours before it stop). Itching skin after showering makes a pleasant experience annoying which make you sometimes to avoid the bathroom.

We might try seeking for solutions, causes, what really trigger this condition in first place and why you are experiencing it at a certain age.

This skin conditions is known as AQUAGENIC PRURITUS or AQUAGENIC VITICARIA, these skin condition is totally different from skin rashes, in case of skin rashes it is possible to see where it is itching you from, but when it come down to aquagenic pruritus is seem invisible, as if the itching is going on inside you, it may start when one clocks the age of puberty or sometimes at adult and go on without control.

Aquagenic pruritus means allergic to water, which causes itching when a particular part of the body come in contact wth water. Although aquagenic pruritus is a harmless condition but can become risky( if there is a skin reaction,which  is very rare).
Is itches After Bathing A Normal Skin Condition.

Itching after bathing is a normal condition if it is sometimes triggered by various substance and alteration that are not considered harmful. But it can be serious skin condition if it continue for along time even after medications. These skin condition doesn’t mean you are suffering from some kind of diseases or skin defect. Many people relate it to Cancer, HIV/AIDS, even rheumatoid arthritis has been falsely claimed to have caused these skin condition.

Aquagenic pruritus is a frustrating condition and it is very hard to confined with friends or family about the situation because they might find it hard to relate to how you feel. 

Most itching is not cause by coming in contact with water only. Other diseases may also be responsible for these itching which includes- Generalized skin, Chronic liver disease, and Diabetes. Sometimes is very hard to know what you are really suffering from, it better to try seeking help from your doctor after trying some home remedies which might not work for you.

Major Causes Of Itching After Bathing (AQUAGENIC PRURITUS)

BATHING WATER   How clean and purify is your water?We might be surprise to find out that most water( especially hard water) might be an irritant to the skin surface. Solute in water like salt or chlorine may be more of an irritant, even untainted water that is safe to drink can causes the skin to itch.

Bathing with hardwater is defined as highly alkaline water that contains high level of calcium IONS. The minerals in hardwater can also clog skin pores, it can be especially irritating to people who naturally have dry skin or suffer from exiting skin conditions.

FAMILY HISTORY    One third of patients have a family history of the condition, which means it can be hereditary. But is can only be experience by certain members of the family. Asking relative closer to you like a father/mother if he/she ever suffered from it might help( maybe when they were younger has it might start fading away has they grow older)

ITCHING AND TEMPERATURE    The temperature of your surrounding is another factor to consider. Humidity may make it worst, but summer condition can reduce it a bit. Some patient admit that they feel more itching in rainy season than in summer.

ITCHING AND TOILETRIES   Some soaps, shampoos, can be some of the irritants that trigger itching when it comes into contact with the skin. Some can even trigger allergic reactions. Products containing alcohol, or alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), or fragrances may dry on your skin causing itching.

ITCHING AND ENVIRONMENT  Yeah (it might sound funny) this is called environmental allergic, which means you get irritated feeling about a place, or and object( liquid or solid) in that place. This is how it works, the brain been so powerful can store that irritating image and those flashes is brought to focus when you are bathing or after bathing, which can make you uncomfortable at that moment.

Some unpleasant object like rotten smell, rural areas, or sight of decay or green algae at or closer to your bathroom.
ITCHING AND ECZEMA     Itchy skin after shower may also be a symptoms of a pre-existing skin conditions such as Eczema, showing may aggravate eczema and cause a flare up. Other things that can trigger eczema are soaps or scented body products. Other existing skin condition include DERMATITIS.

ITCHING AND DIET   Most itching can be cause by certain foods which might not be suitable for your body. This is known as food allergy, this allergy can even trigger itching. Some gene groups are more allergic to some foods to other genes.


This itching majorly occur in the leg region, do notice itches after shaving hair completely from your leg? A lot of hair on your leg may sometimes be annoying which may pushes us in shaving it, but shaving hair on your leg alway can have negative side, because new hair coming out uses focus to penetrate the skin. A low cut on your leg wouldn’t trigger itching on that region.

Sunburn And Itching: Sunburns can cause itchy skin, especially if your skin is peeling. The sun contain a ray with is called ultra-violetray (UVR) which can cause damage to the skin. Applying sunscreen or avoiding light can help prevent sunburn which might be the cause of your itchy skin.


Allergic to pets or certain insect can also trigger itching after bath. Some plants and flower also can cause itching to your body e.g Grasses

Do you smoke, drink alcohol or caffeine? They all contribute to sensitivity.

Some people are sensitive to stress in the skin and if you are anxious at present it maybe contributing.

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