5 Ways And 5 Home Remedy You Can Use To Reduce Itching After Showering

Here are a number of ways that can help you to get a relief from your itchy skin after shower. They will treat the symptoms as well as the underlying cause of your discomfort.

Use Warm Water For Bath

Warm water is one of the best way to reduce the itching. This skin condition sometimes like warm temperature than cooler ones. Use warm rather than hot water if you suffering from eczema or psoriasis. (Avoid making the water too hot, very hot showers can leave your skin feeling dry, tight and itchy)

Disinfect The Water : Certain microbes in the water can infect the skin while bathing. It best if you apply medicated antiseptic to your water before shower. Since this is a water allergic reactions, and water is colourless and odour what if we change the both the colour and the odour with some disinfectant. (Even if you have a clean water,try this method might bring some improvement, if not you can stop).

Use Mild Soaps And Shampoos. Baby soaps and shampoos are usually the safer option. Antibacterial soaps, lightening creams that contain several chemicals should be avoided. Always ensure that the soap or shampoo is thoroughly rinsed off. Shower quickly after soaking in a bath tub with foam bath or soap. Also avoid sharing of personal toiletries with anyone else.

Scrub Gently When Bathing

Vigorous cleaning by scrubbing with a sponge or similar object can injure
and irritate the skin. Gentle rubbing can suffice in remove surface dirt. Do not try to exfoliate deeply with very rough and hard surfaces. Try avoiding sponge for bathing for sometime, this can help along way.

Dry The Skin Thoroughly After Bathing.

Apart from wiping with a dry towel, also try to air dry the body for a short period before wearing clothes. If uncertain about skin folds like in the groin region, use an electric hair dryer on a low heat setting to air dry the area. Standing in from of an electric standing fan might help also.



There are many home remedy you can use to prevent itching after shower. Most of the remedy works well if it is use regularly, and with time and patient itching after shower will be a thing of the past.

* Oatmeal.   Taking an oatmeal bath can soothe your skin and prevent your skin from itching after bath. A study published in the journal of Drugs in Dermatology found that oatmeal has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which strengthen the natural skin barrier and protect skin from infections.

Virgin Coconut Oil After Showering

Coconut oil acts as a natural moisturizer to prevent itchy skin after showering. It offers a soothing treatment for dry, irritated skin.It can also treat atopic dermatitis or eczema. Apply a small amount of virgin coconut oil directly on your itchy areas, making sure to work it into your skin completely.

Aloe Vera Moisturizer
Aloe vera can be use to heal dry skin and prevent intense itching after your shower. You can apply aloe vera directly to your skin as often as needed. To lockin moisture, apply it immediately after showering or bathing. If you can get an aloe vera plant at home try getting an aloe vera gel from your local beauty store.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Just apply to your skin, diluted if you prefer. It’s really good for the skin, cleansing and soothing it. Place a small amount in an inconspicuous place, such as your forearm to test to see if you are allergic to it.


Glycerol, or glycerin as it is commonly known, is a naturally-occurring moisturizer that can improve your skin’s appearance and nip itchy dry skin in the bud. Glycerol can moisturize the skin due to its hygroscopic properties, which means that it absorbs water from the air.

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If you are not finding relief from your itchy skin after bathing, consult your doctor. Your doctor can rule out other skin conditions like eczema that may be the root of your problem. It’s important to find the cause of dry irritated skin to prevent complications, including psychological stress when your skin continually itches after showering.

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