Six Foods To Avoid If You Are Suffering From Rheumatoid Arthritis

Some with rheumatoid arthritis experience problems or general symptoms such as tiredness and often weight loss. Sometimes your diet could play a huge impact such as the increase in pain and inflammation.
Listed are the food to avoid if you going through Rheumatoid arthritis hard times.

Soul food: My number one in this list(it might sound funny)but many arthritis patients go through hard times, which causes negative feeling and influence on your lifestyle and life goals.

*Red meat   Red meats contain relatively high levels of omaga-6 fatty acid called Arachidonic acid, which can convert to pros inflammatory substances in the body and may exacerbate pain and inflammation. It best to replace red meat with oily fish for the omega-3 fatty acids which is best food for combating rheumatoid arthritis.

*Fried foods    Try to avoid fried foods, particular those fried in vegetable oils. Vegetable oils are high in omaga-6 fatty acids which also can cause inflammation…. CLICK HERE

  Don’t fry or roast food in oil occasionally, you can also boil some of your foods stuff. Also an alternative oil is the coconut oil because it contain in saturated fats, healthier than butter and other animal fats.

*Coffee   Coffee can contribute to increase acidity of the blood, which can exacerbate and inflammation. It advice to go for green tea and herbal tea.

*Soda, Carbonated drinks or Sugary foods    These drinks and sugary foods can increase the acidity of the blood, by causing exacerbating  inflammation. The best drinks to have include: herbal tea and drinks made from ginger and garlic.
*High level of wheat and dairy products    Food allergies or intolerances maybe a common contributor to inflammation, as they occur when individual immune response abnormally to substances.

Intolerance to dairy products  Especially from cow’s milk-can cause inflammation. Many alternative are : Oat milk, Coconut base milk and But milks such as Almond and Hazelnut. Soya bean milk are also a good alternative…..CLICK HERE To find About The Secret Formula For Reducing Rheumatoid Arthritis

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