Important Message To Smokers: Which Is More Harmful Marijuana Or Tobacco


Everyday millions are spent on the purchase on hard substances. This substance has negative impact on our health, most hard substances have been ban in most countries, in which only few have been made legal. Countries like the United States make the use of marijuana legal because of some of it health benefits.

Many hard substances that are made legal can only to purchase at recommended store with doctor prescription. Most people engage in black market which is an illegal act.

Smoking one of this hard drugs marijuana or tobacco can cause serious health either physically or mentally effect.

In this article we are going to look at the effect and benefits of Marijuana and Tobacco.

Different Between Tobacco and Marijuana

What is marijuana

Marijuana is the word used to describe the dried flowers, seeds and leaves of Indian hemp plant, which can be smoked (through a pipeor bong or hand-rolled in joints)or it can taken orally with food (Baked in cookies). It is usually green, brown or gray in colour, when smoked it give off a distinctive, sweet odour.

The effects experience by marijuana user varies and depend on the dose. Compare with tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke can deposit four times as much tar on your airways and carry five times as much poisonous carbon monoxide into your blood.
A person usually feels its effect in a minute. The immediate sensation- is likely to increased heart rate, lessen coordination and balance and peak within the first 30 minutes. Other effect include:

*Bloodshot eyes

*Negative experience, such as anxiousness, panic, self-conscious-ness


*Feelings of panic and fear(paranoia)

*Decrease ability to perform task that require coordination

Health Benefits Of Marijuana

Below are some of the medical properties of marijuana

– The leaves help in insomnia. They can be administered to induce sleep where opium cannot be used. Hemp leaves like ganja, are effective drugs in inducing deep sleep.
 Bhang or hashish is beneficial in digestive disorders like dyspepsia and other bowel complaint. It also acts as an appetizer when take in small amount.

 The leaves are useful in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery. Two grams of dried leaves can be taken with sugar and black pepper

The dried leaves are also using in beauty for heir loss or for face with pimples or blackheads

 The paste fresh leaves serves as a useful in resolving tumors. The powder of the leaves are use for dressing wounds and sore. Other treatment are for:



*Seizure   Almost 40 or more children suffer from seizure per day. Medical marijuana oil(CBD oil or Realm oil) that limit seizure activities in children suffering from Dravel syndrome.

*Several nausea

*Dramatic weight loss

Marijuana And Teens

   Teens who start to use marijuana have risk of suffering from brain abnormalities in earlier years. It also lead to loss of memory a possible signs of a decrease in neurons. Many uses marijuana to enhance mood and concentration to combat depression and cognitive problems (issues related to mental awareness and judgement) ….. CLICK HERE

Health Effect Of Marijuana

Excessive consumption of marijuana is physically and mentally harmful, if consumed for a long time.
*Marijuana reduce sperm production in men and disrupt a women’s menstrual cycle

*These who used marijuana are 26 percent more likely to have stroke than those who do not use marijuana

*Lung cancer, risk of developing chronic bronchitis

*Exacerbation of pre-existing cardiovascular disease as it can raise heart beat rate

*Decrease concentration level reduced short-term memory and difficulties with thinking and learning

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