How What You Take Can Affect Your Weight And Causes Body Fat

weight-managementDon’t Fry all, Boil some
Most foods we eat are good for you, and most ain’t always good for your health and body shape.Some of this food causes you to gain weight, which leads to some serious health issue like- heart disease, diabetes, everyday Stress just to name a few.

Where your body stores calories depend on your hormones that stores them in body as fat. Women typically store more body fat than men because of their hormones, breast, plus they need a higher body fat for ovulation and child bearing.

Fried and fast food
Sometimes is advice to step away from processed food because they expand your waistline, many packaged and processed foods are designed to appeal to basic cravings for salt, sugar and fat with no focus on nutritional values or feeling of fullness.

Daily calories budget can leave you feeling hungry shortly after some time. For example, a commercial fast food burger or large fries can set you back 1,190 calories. You should particularly avoid fried food, fried for can be equally boiled like egg, meat, chicken and fish. Too much fried food can contribute to heart disease. Also be careful about your sugar intake, which include sugar from junk food.

Food That Causes Body

Trans Fat food
This types of foods raise bad cholesterol(LDL) in the body and cause
inflammation of arterial cells. Trans fat is made from a process that adds hydrogen to vegetables oil. Natural trans fat can be found in some meat and dairy. Examples are:
– Baked goods
– Snack foods
– French fries
– Margarine

Many are familiar with the term “beer belly”. This can be cause by regulardrinking. Alcohol drinks are high in calories-one beer is average 150 calories. The liver burns alcohol and not fat so is advice to limit the consumption of alcohol beverages to special occasions.

Sodas are unhealthy and have a strong link to obesity. Most carbonated drinks maybe the key factor to contribute to obesity. Diet sodas contains artificial sweetners, colorings and flavors which offer zero nutrition and may increase sugar cravings.

Food To Eat That Reduce Fats
food such as chicken should be skinned while eggs should be boiled to limit the fat and cholesterol.

  • Consider eating white meat instead of red meat, fish and pork tender are excellent source of white meat e.g seafood like- salmon, bluefish, laketrout, herring and tuna is also rich in omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Drink green tea
  • Drink a lot of water- studies shows that drinking of water increase body metabolic rate.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Thing To Do That Reduce Fats
1. Exercises- By excerising, running and doing little work to keep the body active. Help to burn calories. It advice to exercise early morning
2. Lift heavy things- Explain above when you strength train with heavy things, you get stronger and reduce fat.
3. Don’t fried your food always, boil most of them
4. Reduce fast food- Most fast food contain saturated fat, causing abdominal fat gain

Setting goals can help a longway to reduce body fat. Setup some goal to reach along the way to provide motivation for your weight journey. Don’t feel disappointed when things ain’t going well, remember a journey of a thousands mile begin with a step.

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