How To Identified Major Stress At School And How To Cope With Them


There are many ways in which stress can appear to us, one of these stress are major stress facing teenagers today. This feeling may occur has a lack of interest towards education and most of them are caused by peer pressure or teachers, also environment may also play part in this.

Just getting to and from school can be stressful, countries like the united state fight may often broke out on school bus….Perhaps you may face the following:

* Teacher Induced Stress

Living to teacher expectations- Most teachers may push you hard to get best grades as possible and you may feel pressure to gain their approval. Some teacher might even make you feel dirt if you don’t pursue their academic goals that they think you should. ” you can choose your friends, but for much of your early like you can’t choose your teachers”

They have their fair share of quirks, problems and prejudices. No doubt you don’t appreciate it when a teacher always look at your mistakes and shortcomings, especially if you’ve been under alot of stress.

Teachers have favorites

   Imagine a teachers teaching a class of 20,30 or even more of your peers. These may lead to the teachers having favorites especially students who give more attention to the particular subject at the moment.

True, it may irritate you when you see what seems to be blatant favoritism. Ask your self “ Are my educational needs being ignored? If not, why been upset or jealous?

Teachers misunderstood student

    At times, a clash of personalities or some sort of misunderstanding puts your teacher against you. Inquisitiveness maybe viewed as rebellion, or a touch of wit, as disrespect or foolishness.

What you can do when misunderstood is try not to antagonize your teacher. Avoid needless confrontations. Don’t give your legitimate causes for complaint.

In fact, try to be friendly showing manners by respectfully greeting might just change his opinion toward you. And if the misunderstandimg continues try reporting him or her to higher school authorities. It is not adviceable to take action to your hand, remember”Teachers are like stepping stones that can help you cross from ignorance to understanding”.

*Peer Induced Stress   In high school, they are freedom and mere rebellious, you may face temptation to become involved in drinking and sex. Sometimes it’s hard to resist the desire to join in. These temptations comes in many forms often, it involves pressure to:


  • Drink alcohol
  • Looking at pornograpy
  • Taking drugs
  • Finding your identity

These desire aren’t wrong in themselves, but if left unchecked, they can make temptation harder to resist. Longing for your own identify could drive you to turn against the good values you’ve been taught a home. It make your turn against your patent. Instead of letting peer pressure come between your and your family, try explaining these issue with them.

*New Environment Stress   Not all can adapt to new environment or the change that come suddenly without notice from parent. We human tend to move from place to place in search for better or comfortable lifestyle.

Most times this can have effect on a child which can induced stress in them. Many of their friends at home or former schools were left behind in a far away distance to a new place. It almost difficult and frustrating to find friends that understand you. Other stress factors include:

  • Upcoming tests
  • Parent high expectations
  • Living up to your own expectations (perfection)
  • Bullying or sexual harrassment

If you face any of this stress at school, you can   click here  to know the best steps to take that reduce this stress.

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